I've been with for around 8 months, with very little to
complain about... I've got a reseller account with about 12 domains, so i'm
paying around US$6each, and I think the standard is US$15each for one, $10ea
for two, and then a sliding scale up to 25 domains @ $5ea or something.

It *shouldn't* be about the money, but I'm currently making a healthy profit
out of hosting some client domains under my account.

They have intelligent support staff on 24/7, and they've had one service
fallout in this time.  It was a biggie, and I had to reload some data from
my local copy, but I'd like to believe this was a one-off.

The service seems fast (although I'm in Australia, so pings times are
affected by sheer distance).

Feature Rich?
50meg, 20POPs, redirects, groups, auto-responders, 2GB bandwidth, MySQL,
webmail, recent versions of Apache/MySQL/PHP, intelligent support staff, etc

I'm pretty happy.  Better still, they offer a free 1 month test account, so
you can try them for yourself.

Justin French
Creative Director

on 06/05/02 9:19 AM, David Freeman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

>> My hosting service which WAS cool about 2 years ago has
>> grown into a bloated mess of zero logic.
> Fast, Reliable, Cheap, Feature-Rich
> Now pick any three.
> In the end I guess you get what you pay for.  If you can only afford a
> lower price host then you only get lower value.
> CYA, Dave

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