Anthony Rodriguez wrote:
> Please HELP!
> When a php script uses mail() and sendmail, if the e-mail address is not 
> right, the e-mail is returned to the envelope sender (the hosting 
> provider), NOT to the "From", "Reply-To", "Return-Path", or any other 
> additional headers included in mail().
> Apparently, this problem is faced by any user who utilizes a hosting 
> provider.
> I've found 2 php classes (developed by Manuel Lemo) that address this 
> problem.
> The first, email_message.php was built to send MIME-encoded messages.
> The second, sendmail_message.php extends the first by addressing the 
> return-path problem.
> Unfortunately, the first parses the message to allow sending 
> MIME-encoded messages. For many who are only sending plain text 
> messages, this is unnecessary processing.

I am not sure what you mean, but the class does not parse the message, 
but rather encodes it in a way that it will not be refused by some mail 

> I would like to consolidate these 2 classes and eliminate the parsing. 
> Unfortunately, I'm a newbie and need help from the pros.
> If anyone is interested in participating in this project, please e-mail 
> me directly at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> After completion this "new" class would be submitted to 
> www.phpclasses.org for everyone to use.

Encoding in MIME is generally a requirement for sending messages, but 
even if it were not usually required, what would be the importance of 
not doing it?

You can always send your messages directly to the recipients SMTP server 
with this class:


But if you do not format the message according to the MIME standards, 
chances are that your message is refused, bounced or even discarded by 
some SPAM filter.

Manuel Lemos

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