It's actually not that large of a table, but it'll still be a PITA to 
get all of the data reinserted.

I have about 50 records with the following fields:
'gen', 'year', 'color', 'name', 'email', 'location', 'misc', 'pic1', 'pi
c2', 'pic3', 'pic4'

So basically, I guess I want to rename 'name' to 'first_name', add 
another column for 'last name', then update each record to separate the 
first and last names into their respective columns, eh?

I suppose the easiest way is to save/export the table as a tab-
delimited txt file, make my first/last name changes that way, change 
the layout of the table, then update the table using the new txt file?

Sorry for the newbie (and MySQL) questions - I'm not a programmer or DB 
admin by trade, just volunteered to make a website and got caught up 
with PHP and MySQL. I'm learning, really I am! (And having fun too!)

Jason Soza

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From: "1LT John W. Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Monday, May 6, 2002 11:46 am
Subject: Re: [PHP] Sorting, sort of

> You _definetly_ want to do this in your database, not with PHP and 
> arrays.Databases are made to do this kind of sorting for you.
> I would modify your table first, adding in another column for 
> first_name,then modify your form so that all data going in from 
> now on is correct. The
> hard part will be getting the data you have now into the correct 
> format. How
> big of a table are we talking?
> ---John Holmes...

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