I'm stumbling over how to allow people to put single or double quotes
in a form text field. 

I am passing the form to itself ($PHP_SELF) and on the second time
through previewing what the form data will look like and also
re-creating the form with the data already filled in.

Here's an example of one text field:

$display_line .="<input type='text' name='signature'
value='$noslash_signature' size='35' maxlength='100'>";

(I have stripslashes() the $signature variable to create

If someone signs their name O'Brien, the preview shows O'Brien, but
all that shows in the form field is O. However, Joe "Bruiser" Jones
displays correctly in preview and the form.

If I change the code like this (adding the \" around the variable): 

$display_line .="<input type='text' name='signature'
value=\"$noslash_signature\" size='35' maxlength='100'>";

O'Brien will display OK, but Joe "Bruiser" Jones shows just Joe in
the form field.

One solution is to change the text form to textarea, but I'd prefer
to be able to redisplay at text form field if possible.

John Hughes

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