Dr. Shim wrote:
> Sorry, I'll have to clerify myself a bit. I'm rather tired. :)
> I have a script that verifys and inserts (into and Access databse) form
> values. I had to make the form variables "global", in order to use them in
> my functions. Since the new PHP is out, the script doesn't work anymore. I
> think its probably because of the fact that I had to make those variables
> global (none of the variables are being read).
> Does any of you have an idea about how I can fix this problem? Thanks in
> advance.
> "Dr. Shim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Is there another way then to register form variables global? I just
> downloaded, and instlaled the newest version of PHP, and now my form script
> doesn't work anymore.  I had to register the form variables global in the
> script. I'm asking, is there a better way of doing this? I've herd it can
> lead to possible security hazards.
> Thanks for any help.

Look into the extract() function.  You could use it to turn the $_POST 
or $_GET arrays into local variables, whether you do it at the beginning 
of the script and make them global as you are currently doing or by 
doing it at the beginning of the functions that you use them, without 
globalizing anything.

For example... given the url http://localhost/foo.php?bar=banana

you'd have $_GET['bar']=="banana" instead of $bar=="banana";

at the beginning of the script you'd have extract($_GET); and $bar would 
exist with the value "banana"

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