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 > I have a page that contains multi If ElseIf statements.  I 
 > want to redirect right after a user submits gets a message 
 > (echo "Entry Added to Database. \n"; )  would you like to 
 > add another. then prompts for an alert.  Would you like 
 > another ???  and redirects to a page based on selection.
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The moment you output anything to your page you can't do an automated
redirect using the header() function.

If you need to output something and then do a redirect automatically
then you're going to have to start fiddling quite a bit.  The first
thing that springs to mind would be inserting a meta refresh in your
<head> but this won't help if you have a conditional redirect.  The
second would be to do it in javascript where your alert box determines
what url to go to and you use that javascript to do the navigation
(perhaps by simulating a form submission).

CYA, Dave

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