> i have a question about the fread() function.
> i want to read data from a webserver url, which i don't know the exact
> size of, i only know that it varies.

You dont actually give the size of the file, you give the size of the block
you want to pull. For example:

  $output = ""; // Clear output
  $url = "http://whatever.com/file.html";; // whatever you wanna pull from

  if ($fp = fopen($url, "r")) {
    while ($tmp = fget($fp, 4096)) $output .= $tmp;

  echo "The URL's content is: ".$output;

The "4096" part just means it will pull from the file pointer ($fp) in 4096
byte blocks (or chunks), and the while will keep pulling the chunks until
there is nothing left to pull.

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