I found this on the web one day, though I've never used it or played around 
with it.  It does make the code a pain to read though if it does anything 
close to the sample on the page.  Plus, its free.



At 01:35 PM 5/7/2002 +0000, Udo Giacomozzi wrote:
>Has somebody thought of adding some sort of copy protection to a PHP
>project? I guess it would be difficult to accomplish.
>Say you have some PHP scripts for mantaining a web site. You don't want the
>ISP simply copies the scripts for each web site he wishes to use it for but
>buys a valid license for each copy.
>A solution would be a license key that guarantees the scripts are being
>used only on a specific web site / domain name the license has been buyed
>One problem is that PHP is source code, it isn't stored in compiled form,
>and a copy protection could be easily located and removed I think. Ok,
>there is Zend encoder but it is very expensive in my opinion.
>Are there any tools, articles? Did ever have anyone this problem?

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