On Wed, 8 May 2002, Scott St. John wrote:
> Sorry to be so thick this morning, but I have a unix time stamp in my MS 
> Sql server that is the date, plus 60 days to expire a password.  I want to 
> take today's date and compare to the two to see:
> 1)How many days until the password expires
> 2)If the password already expired then force a password change. 
> I am missing something I am sure because I am not getting the answer I am 
> looking for with this code:
> $expirePass = strtotime("now");  <-todays date
> $myPassword = ("1026047985");    <-from the MS Sql field
> $itexpires = ($expirePass - $myPassword);

$daysleft = intval(($mypassword - now()) / 86400));


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