I've only just picked up on this thread, but why not put each form inside a
<td> element?

                <td><form> ... </form></td>
                <td><form> ... </form></td>

apologies if I've misinterpreted the question

Tim Ward
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        From:  David Freeman [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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        Subject:  RE: [PHP] problems with <form></form>

         > a table with several contents, and I have a form on every 
         > row, the problem is that the form is to big, so the tab le 
         > looks ugly, I tried with everything I could come up with, 

        The <form></form> tags imply a break which adds space vertically.
        contrary to doing good html and will most likely cause errors in an
        validator but about the only way I've found to get around it is to
        your <form></form> somewhere that the implied break won't do
        If you're using a table then between the <table> and <tr> or between
        </tr> and </table> is a pretty good place.

        CYA, Dave


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