For those with error_reporting set to E_ALL, this affects you.

After seeing this: "Warning: No file uploaded in unknown on line 0", 
probably the least useful error message I've ever seen, I did some 

The PHP developers seem to think that if you have a form upload on your 
page, and a user decides not to upload a file, it is an offense akin to 
a full warning.

According to bug #16747, in 4.2.1 (not yet released), it's at least set 
to a notice.  But what I'd like to know, is who actually agrees with this 

Say you have a development machine you turn errors to E_ALL to make sure 
no errors go into production.  Say you have a form upload with many 
elements, one of which is an *OPTIONAL* file upload you check in 
$_FILES.  How is it *any* kind of error, warning, or notice, when all 
the information you need about uploaded files is in $_FILES?

The answer to this in bug #16747 is to turn off notices.  Yeah, that's 
great, but the whole point in leaving them on is to catch things like 
quoted array elements ($someArr['thingy']) and other non-fatal but still 
notable mishaps.  How is something that is *completely out of our
control* a *notice of any kind*?  Syntax issues we can change.  Whether 
or not a user decides to utilize an optional file field, we can not.

Sure, our production system turns off all errors, and logs everything 
else because we assume bugs have been weeded out in development.  But 
now in our devel systems, we have to turn off E_ALL, because of one 
notice that shouldn't even really be a notice.

I can't be the only one this affects.  Can one of the developers support 
this behavior, or is it some kind of arbitrary decision?

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