why does the name variable ($name) not display in the email body, but displays
just perfectly in the form result?

i can see everything from "Employee ID:" down in the email body, and
everything is seen in the form result.

have i made some error?

$bid_information = "Name: ".$name."\n"
                     ."Employee ID: ".$employee_id."\n"
                     ."Month: ".$month."\n"
                     ."Aircraft: ".$aircraft."\n"
                     ."Position: ".$position."\n"
                     ."Bid Position: ".$bid_position."\n"
                     ."Revision: ".$revision."\n\n"
                     ."Choice 1: ".$line1."\n"
                     ."Choice 2: ".$line2."\n"
                     ."Choice 3: ".$line3."\n"
                     ."Choice 4: ".$line4."\n";

  $fromaddress = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";

  mail($toaddress, $subject, $fromaddress, $bid_information);

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