Either Google is wrong (probably) or they are now allowing things like 
spaces into an email address.  There are actually several things that are 
not allowed in a standard email address.  Here is the code that I use.
I am honestly not sure where I got this code, but it has always worked for 
me and I have not found any YET that are good address that this kills.  I 
have also not found any bad ones YET that this lets through (unless the 
domain or user doesn't exist, of course).


At 01:26 PM 5/10/2002, you wrote:
>I had always been suspicious about email validators so I did a big long
>search on Google about standard address formats.  It turns out that aside
>from the @ symbol emails have no standard format whatsoever.  So ereg('@',
>$email) is really the only functional email validator.
>You also have to think about what kind of email validation you need.  Do you
>really need to control the format of the emails being stored in your
>database?  Or do you need to control the validity of the emails being stored
>in your database?  There is a big difference.  A valid email address isn't
>necessarily one that is formated in the way you expect.  It is one that is
>active and can be mailed to.  There are a number of techniques you can use
>to determine that.
>Well.. anyway sorry for going off on a tangent there.  In your search for an
>email validator you got a bit more information than you expected.  I hope it
>was useful in some tiny miniscule sort of way.  :)
>Kevin Stone
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> > On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 09:48:58AM -0700, Liam Gibbs wrote:
> > > Does anyone have a decent eregi statement for
> > > validating e-mail addresses?
> >
> > eregi('^[a-z0-9_.=+-]+@([a-z0-9-]+\.)+([a-z]{2,6})$', $Email);
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