On 05/10/2002 04:15 PM, Jeff Bearer wrote:
> Does anybody know of a class, module, extension that caches database
> output?
> I've asked this before, and I've looked high and low to no avail.  I've
> used APC cache to do caching and it works great, but it doesn't save
> database queries, which easily becomes the bottleneck with highly
> dynamic site.  It's a pretty big itch for me and I'm sure other's and
> I'm surprised that there isn't anybody scratching that itch.
> Just hoping something new is out there. Thanks

This class can do exactly what you need.


It caches arbitrary data to files in disk. If you want to cache query 
results, store them all in a single array and use serialize() to 
generate a data stream to store in the cache files.

However, practice recommends that you do not just cache queries but 
rather cache the data that is generated from those queries, being that 
HTML pages or something else.

Manuel Lemos

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