David Duong wrote:
> To store large values (100k+) and load them as much as 6+ times within the
> same hour what would be better MySql or Flatfile?

I think it really depends on the content.  If you are storing 100K+ per 
entry it sounds like it is probably something along the lines of an 
image or some other binary file.  If what you are storing is pure 
unformatted text, then i'd definitely go with MySQL, but if you are 
storing something else, like an image or an audio file, then it would be 
best to keep the files as they are and just store information about the 
files in MySQL.

A possible middle-ground (for text at least) if you want it to be 
searchable is to maintain both flatfile and mysql records.  Keep the 
flatfiels as text, untouched, but index the file and store the index 
information in MySQL.  And what i mean by indexing it is each entry into 
the database is one word only, with information about the word like the 
file it's associated with.  That way you can serve up flat files but 
search through them quite easily and won't have to dea lwith such a 
memory hog every time you make a query.

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