On 05/11/2002 08:42 AM, John Fishworld wrote:
> Due to the large variety of MySQL and PHP date time formats
> I'd like to have a couple of opinions from people out there !
> Building a job database - and one of my fields is of course date time !
> Which I want to be able to use latter in show all from last week, last month
> etc !
> Also I want to show the date later in the european from
> ie day/month/year !
> What is the best format to use ??


This is the format that was adopted by Metabase PHP database abstraction 
package. Metabase is meant to provide true portability to database 
applications, so this format was choose because it is the one that most 
databases support.


Even those that support multiple format support this one even if it 
requires that you set some configuration option before you retrieve 
date/time fields values from the database, so no format conversion is 
necessary to assure that Metabase based applications do not need to 
handle in the application eventual differences of date/time formats that 
databases use.


Manuel Lemos

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