You gave me a lot to think about, and a whole lot of
work to do. I definately love your idea and logic, and
yes, it would make everyone happy.

well i guess by the time i figure the coding and
process out, i'll keep in mind to arrange for your
British Airways Gift Certificate too.

T. Edison jr.

--- Miguel Cruz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Sat, 11 May 2002, Thomas Edison Jr. wrote:
> > If i have a filename "room.jpg" in my Upload
> > Directory, and someone else comes and uploads a
> file
> > by the same name, the previous "room.jpg" is
> > overwritten by the new one. Any suggestions?
> In the long run, I think the best plan is to name
> your files after the 
> unique database ID.
> Store the names ('room.jpg') in the database.
> If you expect getting more than a thousand files or
> so, split them into 
> directories. If you use a numeric key, just take the
> last digit or two and 
> use that for the directory (for instance, '4745'
> would go in '5/4745'). 
> Then write a simple readfile script to process
> downloads (see today's 
> thread about protecting downloads).
> You can look in the database and construct URLs
> like:
>   <img src="image.php/4745/room.jpg">
> and your download script can look at the number to
> figure out which
> directory it's in, and look at the file name to
> figure out the mime type
> to send. The browser's happy because it thinks it's
> getting a file called
> room.jpg no matter how many of them you have, the
> server is happy because
> the files are spread nicely across a few
> directories, you're happy because
> you got your work done, and I'm happy because you
> sent me a British
> Airways gift certificate out in gratitude.
> miguel
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