I don't want to use a module though. I just want to take what a person
types and parse it so I can put it into a mysql query and search my
database of data. I share the server and I can't get mnoGoSearch
compiled in with PHP, so unless there's PHP code I can borrow from it, I
don't think it will help me.

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On Sat, 11 May 2002, SpamSucks86 wrote:
> I need to have an internal search engine for my site. It needs to
> support Boolean (not, or, and). Are there any fairly simple scripts
> there that will help me with this? Even if it's just to give me an
> of where to start. I'm using mySQL, and Boolean support isn't
> implemented until v4.0. Thanks for any and all help! =)

Have a look at http://mnogosearch.ru/

and the accompanying functions in the PHP manual.


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