Http://Www.Promoozz.Org wrote:
> i'm sweating on this one :
> function sql_fetch_row($res, $nr)    
> {                                    
> global $dbtype;                      
> switch ($dbtype) {                   
>     case "MySQL":
>         $row = mysql_fetch_row($res);
>         return $row;
>     break;;
> ...
> }
> it iz used in a php_layer.php from phpnuke, but somehow it gives errors... if i put 
>a "@" like this:
>         $row = @mysql_fetch_row($res);
> i get no errors, but no result either. Where stands the @ for? I can't find any info 
>on thizz, what's wrong?
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First off, anyone using phpnuke is on their own, try for 
help.  But an @ before a function suppresses error messages, it doesn't 
make errors go away, so it's doing precisely what it is supposed to.  I 
also see two ;'s in a row, perhaps that is the problem, or perhaps the 
query was bad and that renders fetch_row useless.

We or anyone would have a far better chance of helping out if you 
explained what the error is... it will be alot easier than debunking the 
  code of phpnuke on our own.

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