Hi there,

I did upgrade to 4.2 and now I am "recoding" :-(  my whole application.

So I did get behind the basic idea, but there is one case, where I just dont
know how to solve it:

Im a doing something similar like on php.net when you type in
php.net/functionname. In my .htaccess file I do redirect in case of a 404 to
a php page where I do redirect to a page called /profiles/80000001.html
In the file profiles (which is a php file not a dir) I do grab the
80000001.html and extract the 80000001 to explode it into parameters. Then I
do grab the functionname (or in my case user name) to redirect him to the
propper site.

In php4.1.1 it worked fine. Now I changed the first function to:

The username was fetched in 4.1.1 with ( I know I have to change this as
$parameter = explode('/', $REQUEST_URI);
$user_name = $parameter[1];

So now I do get as $PATH_INFO the username which is mixing up my whole idea!
How can I get both parameters like in good old former times :-)

Do u see my trouble?

I appreciate every help on that,

Thanx, Andy

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