I would suggest just sending them an email with a
link like this and telling them to click on it to
confirm their membership.


The confirm.php page would look up the uniqueid
and try to find it in your database.  If it's
there then that means the email address they gave
you exists and they have access to that email
account cuz they know that uniqueid.

After confirming, you could send a "welcome user"
email and include another link that they can use
for all other account management like
unsubscribing, changing password, changing
personal info ...


-----Original Message-----
From: Andre Dubuc [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: May 12, 2002 4:36 PM
Subject: [PHP] E-mail Confirmation script?

I've looked about for an 'Email Confirmation'
script that many sites use for
verifcation of wannabee new members. That is, the
person subscribes, is sent
a 'confirmation' number to which they must have in
the 'Subject' area of
their reply.

I would like to implement this on my site, but I
haven't discovered a source
for a script, or how to go about doing it. That
is, how do you retrieve items
from an incoming e-mail, and is it possible to
parse the same?

If anyone who has seen such a script could point
me to where I could find
one, I would greatly appreciate it, or in the
Manual, what it would be listed
under. The 'mail()' function doesn't seem to
include how to access received
e-mails, and to parse individual copmponents of a

Btw, does anyone know what's up with the 'Search'
function of the PHP-general
lst? It always seems to be 'offline'. Rather hard
to search the archives for
previously asked questions.


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