I'm having a problem with using cookies and flash, I'm new to php so it's
more then likely my coding, I have a forum made from flash/php/mysql, and
I'm trying to use cookies for the username and password so they dont have to
log in, I have manage to create the cookies no problem, its the rest thats
wrong, I'll post the code to read the cookies:
$time = (time() + 3600 * 24 * 30 * 12);
$cookiepath = "/";
$cookiedomain = "www.deadsam.com";
$cookiesecure = false;
setcookie("username", $username, $time, $cookiepath, $cookiedomain,
setcookie("password", $password, $time, $cookiepath, $cookiedomain,

//get number of set cookies
$cookieCount = count($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS);

//if more than 1 cookie
if ($cookieCount > 0) {
//Loop through all the cookies...
foreach($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS as $cookieName => $cookieValue){
//output name and value
print "$cookiename=$cookieValue&";
} else {
//otherwise out no cookies
print "&userStatus=you are not logged in";

In flash I used a loadVariableNum("http://www.deadsam.com/cookiescript.php";,
this, "POST");

I keep getting errors with this.
If anyone has an answer to this I'd appreciate it very much.
Thank you in advance

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