I have a big problem with file upload in PHP 4.2.0.

We have used PHP 4.1.2 and in our application we need sometime to upload
files cca. 15MB big. When I have in my php.ini correct parameters
(post_max_size=1000M, max_execution_time=300, upload_max_file_size=1000M)
everything went OK - 13MB file over LAN cca 30s. But when I've upgraded to
PHP 4.2.0, uploads stopped working, resp. they are infinitely slow and 90%
of them ends with "Connection timeout". My php.ini is still the same...

Has anyone an idea what's wrong? What else should I have to set up?
All is running on RedHat 7.1 with Apache 1.3.24.


With regards


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