So you are taking your results and putting it in an array, right? And you
basically want to create two rows in your result array, for each row in the

$result = mysql_query("SELECT Title, Alt_Title, Size, Price, More, Comment
FROM table");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
  $Title["Title"][] = $row["Title"];
  $Title["Size"][] = $row["Size"];
  $Title["Price"][] = $row["Price"];
  $Title["More"][] = $row["More"];
  $Title["Comment"][] = $row["Comment"];

  if($row["Alt_Title"] != "")
    $Title["Title"][] = $row["Alt_Title"];
    $Title["Size"][] = $row["Size"];
    $Title["Price"][] = $row["Price"];
    $Title["More"][] = $row["More"];
    $Title["Comment"][] = $row["Comment"];

?? Like that. That'll basically take the results and for each row in the
result, make two rows in $Title, one with the title set to the DB:Title, the
other to DB:Alt_Title. It only creates the second row if the alt_title isn't
an empty string, too. Don't know if that's nec. in your case.

I'm sure there are other ways...maybe a different table design would be
better, too.

---John Holmes...

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Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 2:42 PM
Subject: [PHP] Combine 2 Db Columns with an Array?

> I am trying to find the best way to combine 2 columns in a MySQL Db call
> one by using an array. I've tried array_push, implode, explode,
array_merge and
> extract all with no luck. I feel I am close but have read all I can and
still am
> hitting a dead end.
> I need to select a Title and Alternate title from a table, and then list
> results by BOTH the Title and Alternate Title. So the list that gets
echoed out
> would be a combined array of the Title column and the Alt_Title column.
The idea
> is to have each item listed twice, once by it's title and once by it's
> title.
> I can not find a way to merge the 2 separate columns.
> Here's what I'm trying to do:
> $result = mysql_query("SELECT Title, Alt_Title, Size, Price, More, Comment
> ORDER BY title");
> //magically combine the title & alt_title into on nice variable called
> $Title
> //or whatever
> while ($db = mysql_fetch_array($result))
> {
> echo "$Title";
> }

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