I am using Sessions with mod PHP4.0.6 with trans-sid set on.  Everything works fine.  However, after loggin in, I want to automatically redirect the user to a specific page if they came from an external site or were given a link via emal.   I realize that a session variable is not actually stored until the end of the script.  So I used the session_write_close() function to save the session before redirecting using the header() function.  It does not work. The session variable fail to be available after redirection.
Any ideas?
if (!session_is_registered("valid_user") && $session_login=="proc"){
     if ($userid && $password) {
            // if the user has just tried to log in
           $query = "select * from auth_users "
           ."where auth_username='$userid' "
           ." and auth_password='$password' and active='Y'";
                $result = mysql_query($query) or die("MySQL Login Error: ". mysql_error() );
                if (mysql_num_rows($result) >0 ) {
                   // if they are in the database register the user id
                   $valid_user = $userid;

                    /* Redirect browser */
                    header("Location: http://".$SERVER_NAME.$request_uri); 
                    exit; // exit script

               } else {
                   $invalid_login= "Invalid login:  Could not log you in...
                   <!--ERROR: $dbname <P> $query-->";
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