For what it's worth, it's been my experience that people that have the 
freetime to hack other people's work find pleasure in hacking other 
people's work, regardless of the time and talent it takes. If they had 
the motivation to write their own programs, they'd have a good 
programming job. Maybe they do anyway, but as it is, they find a hobby 
in 'exposing security flaws' in other's programs.

Jason Soza

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Date: Monday, May 13, 2002 2:06 pm
Subject: RE: [PHP] Genus who came up with "Self Destruct Code" & "Copy 
Pro tection"

> This thread was started to discuss how a contract programmer can 
> protecthimself from getting ripped of by an dishonest person or 
> company not every
> little hacker in the world.
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> It only takes one person with some free time to break your protection
> scheme, and then the cat's out of the bag.
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> If they had the talent or the free time they would have programmed it
> themselves because most of the time it takes longer to backwards 
> engineer a
> program than it does to write it from scratch.
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