I've been reading through the documentation, and
before going further I'll ask if someone's done this before:

I'm putting a simple 2d tile-based game together;
I have a series of tiles saved as 8-bit PNG images with
transparency (the lowest tile has no transparent
pixels).  I have a bit-vector telling me which overlays
I need. I want to take the background and consecutively
add on each of the overlays in order.

I can load each of the tiles, and I can send a resulting image
to the browser; so far, so good.  The sticking point
is I can't figure out how to lay one partially-transparent
image over another.

It kind of looks like I have to create a TrueColor image
structure, then consecutively load each 8-bit image, turn it
into a Brush, and apply it to the canvas... then (optionally)
reduce back to a palettized image before sending it to the

Is there an easier way to do this ?

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