I'm not sure if this is purely a PHP problem but here it goes:

i have a form that sends text data to a PHP script, i have some
textarea field which goes like this:

<TEXTAREA wrap="soft" NAME="mynote" ROWS=15 COLS=70></TEXTAREA>

everytime i POST this, $mynote is truncated to 1867 bytes, i have
repeatedly tried to submit text 2500 bytes long but it's always
truncated to that size -btw there is no javascript or anything in the
middle that might modify the size- my questions is: do i have to
setup anything special in my php.ini? i have this in my php.ini:

post_max_size = 30M

I have also noticed that Hotmail has no problem sending textarea
input 2500 bytes long or more using exactly the same tags.. what's
wrong then? I use Apache 1.3.23 and PHP 4.1.1 (on RedHat 7.1)

if anyone has encountered this problem b4, i'd appreciate some help.


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