Ditto. I would view this as a severe breach of privacy and security. 
It's one thing for a web page to use the resources of a browser that is 
currently available - but it's another thing to have a web page alter 
and control the resources of the browser. I certainly hope, and believe 
that most browsers will not allow this. If it's allowed, then it would 
be a simple thing to publish malicious code that could do anything. Most 
IE exploits revolve around these security holes. And remember those 
sites that abused javascript to "trap" your browser even when you hit 
the back button or attempted to close the browser? A lesson learned - I 
would think modern javascript would not be vulnerable to this - but you 
never know when an exploit is discovered and abused. To publish code 
that alters the settings of a browser - no matter how innocent the site 
is - could conceivably land you in some hot water.

In other words - plan your site based on the common settings your target 
audience are likely to be using and don't fret so much the few that 
won't have complete access because they've disabled their javascript. 
You can offer them an alternative, or they can - for your site - 
temporarily activate their javascript...


Lars Torben Wilson wrote:

>On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 18:03, Michael P. Carel wrote:
>>Hi to all,
>>How could i automatically enable Java in a Web browser to execute java
>>script using PHP. I have some javascripts line's in my PHP script and im
>>worried that it will not work if the browser was not java enabled. Or is
>>there any why to execute a java script line in PHP without enabling the
>>browser java capability.
>>Thanks in advance.
>Java != JavaScript, but that's beside the point.
>Anyway, the answer is essentially 'No'. If you want your stuff to work
>anywhere, don't use Java or JavaScript, or don't let users in if they
>don't have it turned on. If I (as a surfer) turn off JavaScript or Java 
>in my browser settings, you can assume I want it off and will be very
>unhappy if a script changes that behind my back.

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