Hi Guys,
Yes, I know, everyday somebody asks about the upload thingy...the same old
dumb questions over and over and over and....
but I promise you, my problem is differient.

Heres the deal,
I am running 2 sites, one with PHP and a MySql database (site 1)
the other with just PERL support. (site 2)

Heres my problem, My for some reason my ISP (cable) turns the FTP thing on
and off....right now its off.

I already have a php filemanager on site 1 so i can upload there and make
changes without any problems, my problem is site 2, is it possible for a
script running on site one to upload to site 2? I of course have the
required usernames and passwords...
If yes, do any of you guys have the code or can point me to it, if
no.....any suggestions?

And lastly, do any of you have any idea why my ISP turns FTP access on and
off like this?

ANY....I repleat ANY help appreciated.
Keep the faith,

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