I am getting a parse error on line 75. I am trying to say:

if there is a booktitle and a quantity chosen, then go to that booktitle and
adjust the quantity in the database.


 $user = "adminer";
 $pass = "hoosiers";
 $db = "Book Store1";
 $local = "jolinux";
 $link = mysql_connect( "$local", $user, $pass   );
 if (! $link )
   die ( "Couldn't open the database" );
 mysql_select_db( $db, $link )
 or die ( "Couldn't open the $db: ".mysql_error() );

 if ($submit){
 if( $booktitle, "quantity" ){
$sql = "UPDATE Book2 SET stock ='$stock-quantity' WHERE booktitle=$booktitle
AND quantity=quantity";
// $result = mysql_query($mysql);
 }else if(!$submit){
  echo "Your order has not been placed.<p>";

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