Hello PHP wizards,
Need some help on connection with 2 different databases.
My project included refering to 2 different databases, one in mysql and other in 
It was done normally,and thing is working perfectly.
The problem arised when a need came to access the same database via internet. He wants 
some users, to connect to the same database. i.e. THe application resides on say 
www.abc.com/111 and the database is also in the same folder. (say abc.mdb).
Now, some users who are at some different location need to access the database on 
abc.com/111. I need to alter the version i made so that the remote connection is made 
I dont have the slightest idea as to how to go about it. I thought of file dsn, but 
php doesnt even connect to the file dsn(maybe i dont know how to use the file dsn with 
php). remote connection of mysql is available on forums on the site. I need remote 
connection for ms-access.
Let me know anything and everything about it

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