> This is funny: I have getimagesize(), but not
> createimage() and things like that. Is this because
> getimagesize() is not part of the GD library...? Or is
> there a problem with my GD library?

getimagesize() is not part of GD.  You likely didn't add the GD extension
correctly to PHP.

> Also, is there any resolution to this GIF copyright
> thing going on with Unisys? I want to be able to
> resize images and whatnot, but I don't want to
> multiply image upload time by about 5 because I have
> to switch to JPG format. Is PNG format supported by
> older browsers? Incidentally, getimagesize() works on
> GIFs. I thought GIF format wasn't supported.

The copyright issue really has nothing to do with PHP.  Talk to the GD
folks.  It is not our decision.  With the bundling of GD in 4.3 that
changes a bit, but it only applies to generating gifs, not reading them.
There are versions of GD out there that have jpg, png and gif all
included.  PHP supports these hacked versions.


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