Yes, short tags were/are on.  I had installed from:
I now reinstalled with:
and it is working fine....for the moment.  I think I had a problem like 
this on the old version that I used too.  I guess that I just have to use 
the zip package instead.  Probably because of the API version for Apache 
(since that is what I am using) that is in the zip package but not the 
"installer".  You know.  If I ever learned to read.............


At 12:08 PM 5/14/2002, Jon Haworth wrote:
>Hi Steve,
> > Your right.  I should give more specifics.  Ok.  I have a page called
> > main.php.  The only thing in it is:
> > <?
> > echo "hi";
> > ?>
> > That's it.  I tried to run it and it gave me an "HTTP 500 - Internal
> > error".
>Are you sure you've got short tags turned on? What happens if you try
>   echo "hi";

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