I am using PHP 4.1.2 in standalone (cgi binary)  mode on linux so that I can
use PHP for shell scripts related to large socket and database operations.

In php.ini I have max_execution_time set to 0 and memory limit set to
104857600 (100MB).

The script successfully fills a very large array with information fetched
from a lengthy socket operation (nntp).  The socket operation takes several
minutes, but appears to be relatively fast.

After completing the socket operation, the contents of the array are output
to the screen for debugging purposes.  This operation appears terribly slow,
but still takes less than a minute for around 100,000 records.

The last line of the script executes successfully (as indicated by debug
output) and then the script hangs for a moment and then outputs the
following error:

PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in Unknown on
line 0

This seems very odd to me for two reasons:

First, the max_execution_time is set to 0 (no limit).
Second, the script has otherwise executed successfully and should simply

Has anyone had similar experiences?  Any advice on how to correct this


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