I prefer to use isset(), not empty(). It's more accurate, in that it
knows the difference between a variable that just isn't set, and one
that has an empty value (which may be valid).

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> PHP Notice:  Undefined variable:  action in
> C:\Apache\htdocs\easyletter2\easyletter.php on line 73
> Why do I get an undefined variable error for $action, $pw, $disp, 
> $found when they do not have to be declared in the script?

> if ($action=="sign"){

At this point, $action was not set.  At some point in your 
script you may want to check if $action exists at all and 
if not, assign it to boolean false (just one of a million 
things you can do).  Like, on top of the script:

// Initialize various variables if they are empty
$vars_to_init = array('action','pw','disp','found');

foreach ($vars_to_init as $var) {
    if (empty(${$var})) {
        ${$var} = false;

That'll check them, and set empty vars to false.  Seems 
kinda weird, it is ;)  Undefined variables are level 
E_NOTICE errors in PHP.  Some people find these a bit 
annoying and turn them off, most prefer to eliminate 
them.  When you said variables don't have to be 
declared in PHP, you are right in that they are just 
E_NOTICE level errors, not Fatal E_ERROR.  By default, 
error_reporting levels do not show E_NOTICE but good 
little programmers attend to them.

A quick and dirty way to magically get rid of them is 
to turn down error_reporting in php.ini or at runtime.
error_reporting is both a PHP directive and a PHP 

There is also '@' available to suppress an error, it 
works on both functions and variables.  See:


What is done of course depends on the situation and 
the person.

Philip Olson

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