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On Tue, 14 May 2002, Matthew Walker wrote:

> We have a shopping cart product we're developing in PHP, and I've
> recently come across I dilemma that I need to find a reliable solution
> to.
> Many of the people who will be shopping on our sites have cookies
> disabled, which presents a problem when using sessions. Now, I am aware
> of the fact that we could append the SID constant to every URL, but this
> will not work for us. None of our sites are dynamic, and updating them
> is out of the question (We have over 100 sites). As well, someday we
> intend to sell this software, and we don't want to require that people
> make their sites fully dynamic to accommodate it.
> So, is there any reliable way to emulate sessions without requiring a
> cookie, or a variable passed in every URL?
> Matthew Walker
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> ePliant Marketing
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