I'm newbie in php and i would like to clearly understand how can i use:
  LENGTH  in   string fgets ( int fp [, int length])

"Returns a string of up to length - 1 bytes read from the file pointed to by
fp. Reading ends when length - 1 bytes have been read, on a newline (which
is included in the return value), or on EOF (whichever comes first). If no
length is specified, the length defaults to 1k, or 1024 bytes."

-Can i have an example of the differents way for reading file with fgets
according to the        differentes values of "length "?
-why '4096' is used as length for reading a file line by line ?

                $fd = fopen ("/tmp/inputfile.txt", "r");
                while (!feof ($fd)) {
                 $buffer = fgets($fd, 4096);
                 echo $buffer;
                fclose ($fd);

Is this any max for one line??


arnaud G.

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