I want to know if the user is connected on a secure socket and have two

1. My  Apache (Stronghold), variables are not turning up in $_SERVER or
although they are in $GLOBALS e.g. I have $GLOBALS[SERVER_PORT] but not
This is with track vars and register globals both on.   It seems I have
to rely on the $GLOBALS value and be careful with variables_order.

2. As well as $SERVER_PORT, I also get $HTTPS, but  only if there it is
an HTTPS connect i.e. on a secure connect, $HTTPS == 'on', but on an
insecure connect it is not set.  This makes it easy to spoof even with
variables_order set to ECGPS. I could just use $SERVER_PORT, which is
always set and thus not so easily spoofed but then I have to worry if
the secure port changes.

Any suggestions?


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