You can't.

You have to have the non-crypted password which you then run the crypt()
function on.  Say the password is banana.  You then run:

  crypt('banana','ba')   =>  baGGlRhhSFzk2
  crypt('banana','ys')   =>  ysu0jnfX9fp2.

You make sure these two match the two crypted strings stored in the DB.
There is no way to compare baGGlRhhSFzk2 directly to ysu0jnfX9fp2.


On Wed, 15 May 2002, Matthew Ward wrote:

> I'm currently integrating my site with YaBB so that when you log into my
> YaBB forums it also logs you into the whole site. I'm also developing a
> script that I'm integrating into my main page that checks the password in
> the cookie with the one in the database as a security check.
> The problem is, the crypted password stored in the database is seeded with
> the password itself, however the crypted password that the YaBB login script
> stores in the cookie is seeded with "ys", producing two completely different
> passwords. So how am I (and how does YaBB) compare these two passwords to
> make sure their the same, if their completely different?
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