Danny Shepherd wrote:
> No, that's not a problem either!
> <snip from manual>
> Before ob_gzhandler() actually sends compressed data, it determines what
> type of content encoding the browser will accept ("gzip", "deflate" or none
> at all) and will return it's output accordingly. All browsers are supported
> since it's up to the browser to send the correct header saying that it
> accepts compressed web pages.
> </snip from manual>

It is a problem if you're bothering to support NS4 users,
because they can't handle it properly.

NS has a useful habit of re-requesting a 'page' from the server
under many conditions (used to be even when resizing the window). 
Currently, the browser will issue another GET against the same URL,
even if the page had been POSTed.  It will not bring back the same info,
so VIEWSOURCE and PRINTing are already messed up.  But even PRINTing
a regular page that is gzipped is hosed, because NS tells the
server it can handle zipped data, but it doesn't unzip before printing,
so you'll be printing out compressed data to your printer.

Don't even bother flaming me about x% of your users still use NS4
and it's a great browser and IE sucks etc.

Michael Kimsal

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