I am about 3 hrs old with php and have a very simple question. I
have a test.html page that is just an href and I want to put the variables
into php variables on the next page but I get an error. Could someone please
correct my code or tell me what is wrong. We use IIS NT 4.0 MySQL. We have
installed PHPBB and it works great!  Thanks in advance for your time.

test.html code------------
<a href="test.php?user=admin&pass=123456">Click here</a>

test.php code------------
$username = user;
$password = pass;
echo $username;
echo $password;

error messages-----------
Notice: Use of undefined constant user - assumed 'user' in
\\SERVER\web\phpBB2\test.php on line 3

Notice: Use of undefined constant pass - assumed 'pass' in
\\SERVER\web\phpBB2\test.php on line 4

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