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Tuesday, May 14, 2002, 6:28:06 PM, you wrote:

SB> Sorry, I forgot to move my php4ts.dll to the windows/system32 directory.

SB> Steve
SB> ---snip---
SB> I know that I just saw something like this last week on the list, but can't 
SB> find it now.  Anyway, I have just installed PHP 4.2.1 on my WinXP laptop 
SB> running Apache 1.3.23.  phpinfo() is still showing 4.1.2.  I think I 
SB> remember something about a dll that needs to be deleted or something like 
SB> that.  Can anybody let me know how to fix this?
SB> ---snip---

The best way is not to move any .dll from php directory. Just add all
the directories containing needed dlls in the PATH environment
variable. And it will be ok with upgrading.

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