thanks for looking. my guess is that it could be a
server configuration issue. i am really not sure. the
actual script works.... just not on the server i need
it to work on. maybe it has something to do with the
.ini file or the installation. i am not very familiar
with that. does this sound likely as a problem?


--- Kevin Stone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jennifer, works just fine here..
> ---------
> $fp =
> ed","r");
> if ($fp !== FALSE)
>      echo "The file exists!";
> else
>     echo "The file does not exist";
> ---------
> This prints "The file exists!" so it may be
> something else in your code
> cuasing the problem.  And when I read the file it
> displays a bunch of
> numbers.  Don't know what you could be doing wrong
> but if you continue to
> experiece problems post some more of your code and
> maybe we can decipher the
> error from that.
> -Kevin

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