Are you sure you don't mean "phpmyadmin"?

EG> First off, I am a total newbie to php and DB stuff.  Pardon the intrusion on 
EG> your busy schedules.  Really.

EG> My host is having a hard time finding phpmysqladmin and he touted this as a 
EG> solution to my wanting to get into the DB arena as well as php.  Does anyone 
EG> know where to get it?   All of my evening has now been wasted googling 
EG> looking for it and perhaps there is a better solution.

EG> And no, I really am out of my game here, but I figured it was a good place 
EG> to ask.  The only caveat the host said was that it MUST be PHP4.x 
EG> compatible.

EG> I sincerely apologize for the intrusion if it's not on topic enough.  I know 
EG> I need to go further in my exploration that the net has via tutorials and 
EG> PHP manual, but if anyone has time I would sincerely appreciate it.  I have 
EG> been lurking for a week or two.  Good stuff to be found here.  Indeed.

EG> I could have all the assumptions above all wrong and some bad 
EG> data/opinions...  sorry.  please explain.  If I am in the wrong place to 
EG> ask, please tell me where the best place to look/ask is.  I don't want to 
EG> waste anybodys time.  I surely would not want mine wasted.

EG> BTW-- I am on DIGEST, so a CC: would be appreciated dearly.

EG> Erik

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