Hey guys and gals,

i have a form with method=post which sends 

<input type=hidden name=quiz[quiz_title] value=$quiz[quiz_title]>
<input type=hidden name=quiz[owner_name] value=$quiz[owner_name]>
<input type=hidden name=quiz[owner_email] value=$quiz[owner_email]>
<input type=hidden name=quiz[number_answers] value=$quiz[number_answers]>
<input type=hidden name=submitted value=TRUE>

to the same page, and  picks it up in an 
if ($submitted) {....} loop.

but now here's the problem: 
when it comes back and goes into the loop. Only the first name from 
$quiz[owner_name] is left, so where it used to be John Doe, is now only Joe.
how do i fix this?


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