Greetings friends, pals, nymphos, programmers, geeks and others, of gods
chosen people!

Here goes,
I have a program that uploads any file and allows the person to see whats in
a particular directory without any problems,
    not bad for a newbie eh? stand up and clap!!!

what i want to do is make sure that whatever the person uploads cannot "run"
or be executed....any ideas on how to do this?

Baically its a file sharing program..."a" uploads something "b" downloads
it...I just dont want to get screwed in the bargain

I was thinking of using the promise system, make them promise that they wont
do anything bad...but the fact of the matter is people lie.....:-)

Any help appreciated.
P.S after reading this email dont send me mails telling me that I am
crazy.....coz i already know that.
And remember "Never get into fistfights with ugly people, they have nothing
to lose."

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