PHP and Web Servers probably make a bad choice for what is essentially a
real time application.  PHP and web servers expect to serve up a page of
essentially HTML(and Javascript, or Java Applets), then close the connection
to a browser so that it can handle the requests of others, and not deal with
that connection again until the browser makes another connection, usually as
a result of a hotlink click, or submit.

There is a way to simulate what you want using JavaScript (if PHP can output
HTML, it can also output Javascript).  Check in
their JavaScript section for routines to perform 3 functions,

1. a routine which will cause the a page to request a refresh every 10
seconds or so, there by requesting the same page, which your PHP can fill
with the latest (real-time?) data.
2. a routine for using JavaScript to display data on the status line.
3. a routine for displaying the time (using the clock on the browser

hope this helps,

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Hi All

I am trying to write something similar to a server console display, is it a
good idea to use PHP?

Wondering how things like
1. server clock (similar to a clock applet)
2. server status
can be displayed with PHP code?

Note: I need to display the above two in a continuous fashion on the status

Many Thanks

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