Do a google search for ADODB. It's a PHP database abstraction layer. It has
built in 'pagination' methods (Previous X, next X) along with an example of
how to use them.


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I have some ideas on how this should be done, but I'm at work and can't
really test them, so I was thinking maybe I could run it by you all and
maybe get some feedback and/or new ideas.

I have a PHP/MySQL-generated page that displays image thumbnails.
Currently, I have a loop that makes a table and table rows, fills the
rows with the thumbnails, then when there's no more information, it
completes whatever row it's on with blank <td>'s, then closes the table.

This was working fine, but my site is actually attracting more traffic
than I originally thought, and I'm getting more image submissions. It's
getting to where it's no longer practical to arrange all the thumbnails
onto one page, I need to have like 25 on one page, then have the script
create a link at the bottom so users can click and see the next 25.

I'm thinking I need to use some kind of row count language in the
script, i.e. first count how many rows are in the MySQL table, if it's
less than 25, just display them all. If there's more than 25, display
only 1 - 25, then create a link to view 26 - 50, etc.

Is that what I need to be looking into? Any other ideas would be
appreciated. Thanks!

Jason Soza

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