On Thu, 16 May 2002, Scott St. John wrote:
> I am using fsockopen to test several of our SQL and WEB servers at our 
> office.  Testing ports 80, 1433 and 8080 work fine, but I would like to 
> set something up to test ports on our mainframe.  These are printers 
> listening on 9100 and when I test it fails.  I don't see anything in the 
> online docs about going above a certain port - or is there something else.

"When I test it fails" is not a useful problem report.

Show the relevant parts of the code you're running and tell us what, 
specifically is happening (i.e., if an error message is displayed, paste 
that into your problem report; if a variable seems to be getting an 
unexpected value, change your code to print that value out, and then show 
us both the code and the value that it actually printed out).

Otherwise it's just sort of a guessing game.


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